Between Sky & Sea VI: Temporal Horizons 2022

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (DK) showed the performance «A Body as Event». Foto: Margarida Paiva
Longva AiR in collaboration with Performance Art Bergen hosted the 6th version of Between Sky & Sea, an international performance framework that is arranged every 3rd year on different Norwegian islands. Between Sky & Sea is a framework for artistic production, seminars, public events and publications. This edition, which was titled "Temporal Horizons", took place on Longva AiR and the Nordøyane Islands outside Ålesund 8th - 20th of August 2022. The title ‘Temporal Horizons’ wants to focus on the relation between time, landscape/geology, body and affect with Sunnmøre as a starting point, especially Nordøyane archipelago with its peculiar bedrock geology. The goal is to challenge our notions of time and the tension between the planet’s temporality (geological time) and a human temporality. The artists presented their projects on for the public Saturday 20th of August. 
Frauke Materlik (DE) showed the performance «Shifting Continuities». Photo: Margarida Paiva

Antropologist Anders Johansen (University of Bergen)
Geologist Oddvar Longva (Geological survey of Norway)
Jennie Klein, Professor of Art History, Ohio University School of Art and Design

Frauke Materlik
Sabine Popp
Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen
Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir
Chuyia Chia
Esa Kirkkopelto
Ine Harrang
Monroe Isenberg

Harald Dyrkorn
Henrik Koppen
Terese Longva
Rita Marhaug
Longva kunstnarresidens / Longva AiR 

The event is supported by: Ålesund kommune, Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune Kulturrådet Nordisk Kulturfond, Bek – Centre of Electronic Arts

Esa Kirkkopelto / The Other Spaces (FI) showed the performance «Snowbodies». Photo: Margarida Paiva
Ine Harrang (NO) showed the performance «Window of Opportunity». Photo: Margarida Paiva
Chuyia Chia (MY/SE) showed the performance «Intertidal Landscaping». Photo: Margarida Paiva
Sabine Popp (DE/NO) med «Proposal» 20.08.22. Foto: Margarida Paiva
Monroe Isenberg (US) showed his performance video on the open day at Longva AiR August 20th. Photo: Mateo Christensen
Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir (IS/DE) with the collective performance «Heart to Stone». Photo: Margarida Paiva
Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir (IS/DE) with the collective performance «Heart to Stone». Photo: Margarida Paiva