Kunstnarar på Between Sky & Sea VI: Temporal Horizons

Between sky and sea Event Longva kunstnarresidens

Her kan du lese meir om kunstnarane som deltek på Between Sky & Sea VI: Temporal Horizons på Skuløy 8. – 20. august 2022! Lenkje til Facebook-hendinga. Biletet over er av Frauke Materlik

Chuyia Chia is born in Malaysia, lives and works in Sweden. Chuyia explores between painting, installation art, digital representation and performance art. Her works focuses on global issues especially concerning in living environment, food, identity and culture. She expressed meaning through action, looking at perspectives on how body language and action performs in difference contexts that able to communicate to the viewer. The question of sustainability open a new area today of how performance art as an ephemeral art form can be presented and collected in public, as well as in institution or museum. She combined art performance, handcraft, moving and still images and continue to explore different art form with open mind. Her series of works ‘ Knitting the Future’, ‘The Leek Warriors’ and ‘Gardening’ which included in both of her solo exhibitions since 2018, forms a narration about man’s complicated relationship to the land, the land we have always exploited to better suit our needs for foods and buildings. Her practice not limit as individual artist but as a co-founder of a performance art collective ‘Communication Laboratory/ComLab Sweden since 2010, initiates, organise and perform collectively in public space. So far she participated in festivals, exhibitions and arts activities in more than 35 countries that includes East Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia PaciTic, the European countries, the Nordic Countries, Russia, the Baltic countries, North America, South America and Africa.

Website: https://chuyia.wordpress.com

Photo: MIPAF Macau 2019

Frauke Materlik is an artist, gardener, landscape architect and academic and a member of Performance Art Bergen, Norway. She understands art as a tool for exploring, navigating and negotiating in complex environments, revolving around questions on how to translate and convey. In her practice, she works in dialogue with her surroundings, combining art in public space, performance, installation, and horticulture. She exhibits, researches and teaches internationally.

Website: http://www.fraukematerlik.eu

Through engaging ritual, performance, and installation, Monroe Isenberg’s practice explores our human entanglement with the world. He holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Arts from the University of Maryland and is based in Los Angeles, California where he also works as an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Orange Coast College.

Website: https://monroeisenberg.com

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (DK) is an artist and researcher who works between performance art, sound, open technology, and matter – in a mode of practicing and collaborating with philosophy and non-human agency. Madsen is currently undertaking doctoral research in environmental, ethico-aesthetic performance art and affective relations in the context of climate change.

Website: http://tmkm.dk/

Photo: Stunt Media

Esa Kirkkopelto (born 1965) is a philosopher, artist-researcher, and performance artist, specialized in posthuman performance, non-human embodiment, and the corporeal techniques of performing. He is the founding member of the Other Spaces live art group, with which he has been working since 2004. His research focuses on the deconstruction of the performing body both in theory and in practice.

Website: toisissatiloissa.net

Kelp Diagram Collective, 2019 series of collective exercises (photo: Michael Pantalos/LIAF)    

Sabine Popp is a relational art worker and a member of Bergen Ateliergruppe, exploring and intervening with places and their socio-material conditions—preferably through dialogical and collaborative processes. She holds a PhD from The Art Academy at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Website: https://bergenateliergruppe.no/sabine-popp/

Ine Harrang (b.1960) holds a BA from Edinburgh College of Art, and a MA from The Academy of Art, Design and Architecture, Prague. She lives and works at the West Coast of Norway.

In her projects she uses glass as a medium for concept-based installations, concentrating on areas such as the movement of time, memory-traces, and the fragmentary nature of fragility, presence, and oblivion. She has shown her work through soloprojects and in groupshows in Norway and abroad. 2017 she was awarded The State’s 10-year Work of Merit grant. Beside her own practice, she has held several elected positions within the Arts and has extensive experience from cultural administration. 

Website: ineharrang.com

Gunnhildur Hauksdottir received her MFA from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2006 and her BFA from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2002. Gunnhildur works with sound installations, performance, and drawing. Her drawings take a trajectory towards exploring the sonic realm and movement patterns functioning as intermediary translations from an event to sound, and further to installations and performances.

Her works and performances have been exhibited widely, she took part in the Silver Lining, Collateral Event at the 56th International Art Exhibition at the Biennale di Venezia in 2015. Among the institutions that have recently displayed her works are the Galeria Municipal do Porto, the National Gallery of Iceland, the Reykjavik Art Museum and the Uppsala Art Museum. Her works are found in public collections including the National Gallery of Art in Iceland, Uppsala Art Museum in Sweden, the Goethe Institute in Copenhagen, the Hess Gallery Collection in Lethbridge, Canada and the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik.

Website: https://www.gunnhildur.this.is

Between Sky & Sea VI: Temporal Horizons er støtta av Norsk kulturråd, Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune, Ålesund kommune, Nordisk kulturfond og BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst